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Real Bikes Venice is a FULL SERVICE repair shop. We offer services like "while you wait" flat fixes, simple to detailed tune-ups, bike packing, and much more

Bring your bike in and we'll take a look to recommend what we think needs to be done. Estimates are always free. Have additional questions, or in need of something that you can't find below? Give us a call. 

The services listed below are a small sample of all that we offer. Please call our service department for any additional service needs and rate questions. 
We thank you for your business! 941-485-3113

Real Bikes Venice- Schedule of Services

Safety Check ($40.00)

  • Inspect overall condition of bicycle and make recommendations on any upcoming service needs
  • Adjust chain(single speed)
  • Check chain wear
  • Confirm proper torque on critical fasteners

Basic Tune-Up* ($80.00)  Tri-Bike ($140.00)  Recumbent ($115.00)

  • Inspect overall condition of bicycle and make recommendations on any upcoming service needs
  • Clean(wipe down) bike
  • True wheels(adjust spokes)
  • Lubricate brake and shift cables
  • Adjust brake and shift cables
  • Confirm proper torque of critical fasteners

Detail Tune-Up* ($150.00)  Tri-Bike ($175.00)  Recumbent ($150.00)

  • All items included with basic tune-up
  • Removal and installation of rear cassette/ freewheel
  • Removal and installation of crank arms
  • Removal Front and rear derailleurs
  • Removal of brake calipers
  • Solvent tank cleaning of entire drive train and calipers

Basic Overhaul* ($200.00)  Tri-Bike ($250.00)  Recumbent ($250.00)

  • All items included in detailed tune-up
  • Headset, crank and wheel bearings removed overhauled and reinstalled

         (Any new parts required are an additional charge)

Supreme Overhaul* ($310.00)  Tri-bike ($350.00)  Recumbent ($310-350)

  • All items included in basic overhaul
  • All cables and housings are replaced(parts included)
  • Bar tape replaced
  • Bearings replaced


Additional Services

 True wheels

  • Front $25
  • Rear $25
  • $25 with spoke replacement (cost of spokes additional)

Box bike for shipping (starting at $100)

Bicycle reassembly (starting at $100)

Bicycle build (new bikes) (starting at $100)

  • Includes truing wheels
  • Confirm proper torque on all fasteners
  • Basic fit and set up for end user

Derailleur and Shifter Adjustment ($20)

Replace cable housing and adjust ($25)

Brake Adjustment

  • $15 basic
  • $10 additional if replacing brake pads
  • Hydraulic bleed $40 each
  • $45 install hydraulic brake line (parts not included)

Bottom Bracket

  • $20 for Adjustment
  • $35 for overhaul includes new bearings (excludes press fit, external and BB30 bearings)

Flat repair

  • $10 off bike
  • $12.50 on bike
  • $15 internal gear rim
  • $40-60 tubular install
  • $40 tubeless conversion per wheel (conversion kit not included)

Handlebar tape

  • ($15) dependent on tape selected

Bike fit ($125 and up)

Replacement of Chain and Cassette/Freewheel ($20 each)

Bike rack assembly ($20-40)

Minimum Service Charge ($10)

Hourly Service Charge ($75)

*Some bikes will require additional service charges based on configuration/ style of bike. This will be discussed at time-of-service estimate.