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We are in the process of re-introducing our rental program.  Give us a call with your needs.  We will be doing a full launch soon but will try to help you with your immediate needs.  941-485-3113

Are you visiting the area and leaving your bike at home? Want to try mountain biking or a carbon road bike before you buy and want more than just a regular test ride? Or, are you just looking to have an incredibly fun afternoon with visiting friends or family? No matter the reason, we have an entire fleet of bicycles waiting for you to rent. Just browse our bike information below, select the bikes you need and we'll make sure we meet your reservation needs!

We offer a boxing and shipping service for your vacations. Ask us.


Mountain (Front Suspension)E-bikes /pedal assistHybrid
Looking to hit the trails and go exploring off road? Our front-suspension rentals feature knobby tires, a suspension fork and geometry that's equally adept at handling rugged off-road terrain and casual paths.Our newest class of rental bikes. Rent them for an hour or go out all day.  They are great for that quick lunch trip or a sweet ride down the trail.  THese bikes bake the bridges seem flat and the wind becomes a non-issue.

See the sights in plush luxury on our regal hybrid bikes. They feature back-friendly riding positions, smooth-riding tires, suspension seatposts and comfortable saddles. 

When you feel the need for speed, only a road bike will do. These rigs feature super-light frames, narrow, high-pressure tires, drop handlebars and gearing for going fast and enjoying our scenic back roads.Take the kids along, too! Our child trailers attach to your bike (or a rental) and are a fantastic way to let the kids in on the fun while you get to ride at a pace you like. There's room inside for carrying food, clothing and vacation gear, as well.Are your children too big for a trailer yet too small to keep up with you on rides? Trailer cycles attach to the back of your bike (or a rental) and follow along behind letting your kids join the fun and burn off energy pedaling, too.