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Drymax TRI Sock
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Triathletes Should Wear Socks
Hoping to save a few seconds some triathletes go sockless for their Bike/Run stages: this is risky. Unprotected feet are much more likely to develop blisters and chafing. At best, a few seconds might be saved during the first transition by not putting on socks, but much more time can be lost contending with painful blisters or chafing.

Patented Technology That Protects Feet
The TRI socks help prevent chafing and blisters with the Blister Guard® system which incorporates Friction Free® PTFE fibers in the entire heel, forefoot and toe areas of the sock. Additionally, the top mesh air panel releases heat and sweat vapors to cool and dry the feet.

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) has the lowest Coefficient-of-Friction of any fiber, making it the best at keeping friction low between the skin and sock.

Low friction PTFE fibers allow the TRI sock with the Blister Guard system to stay cooler and drier, reducing the chances of getting hot spots, blisters or chafing while cycling and running.

Our Triathlete socks are also able to protect feet much better than other thin socks because they have our race proven Dual-Layer Sweat Removal System. This system moves moisture off the skin through the inner Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer.

Triathletes Need To Wear drymax TRI Socks
The Drymax TRI socks protect feet for both the Bike and Run stages. Quick to put on, the patented technology is guaranteed to keep feet cooler, drier and prevent time robbing blisters and chafing or we’ll buy them back!


Drymax Socks Dryness Demonstration

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